Can someone recommend a Philadelphia area consultant to help select an ERP system for a medium size business with global operations.

We are looking to implement an ERP system and are looking for a vendor agnostic consulting firm that can help us select the best package for our needs.  We have operations in the US, UK, and Finalnd so the firm needs to have international experieince.  We are a small to medium size company so we don't have a two comma budget to buy the SAP/Oracle solutions.

  • Jeff Payne, Chief Financial Officer at Biocoat Incorporated,


Hi Jeff,
We implemented MAS200 about 5 years ago with Kissinger Associates. They are in Centerport, PA, serving close by areas including NJ. Contact person is: Joe Powell tel: 800-562-5456.
They are exclusive in MAS whics is an enterprise systempart of SAGE group. Mas worked very well for us being a small company and having room to grow into a mid-size operation. Kissinger was very helpful to implement and write-up custom programing. Nice and friendly people. Programing they wrote works well. They are still servicing us with upgrades and new programing when needed.


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Jeff, Try Technology Evaluation Center at They are vendor-agnostic,based out of Montreal, and they can probably point you in the right direction to someone in Philadelphia. Also, they have some great free tools for software selection.
  • Jordan Krizman, Finance Marketing Coodinator at 360 Cloud Solutions,

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Jeff Hello from Gary Bender. Also from Phila chapter.

Stay away from Syteline ERP product by INFORS.

Sales pitch is a pitch-reality is a nightmare.




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Hopefully you have found a vendor now, but if not, we work in the Philadelphia area and have a strategic partner based in the UK. If you still need any help, please feel free to contact me.


Managing Partner and CFO
Computer Integrated Services


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As CFO and CIO had exp with Great Plains, MAS, and JDE. These days inclined to NetSuite cloud based offering. A good nearby ind consultant would be John Boddie whom you can find on LinkedIn

Myron Karasik


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