We are a 100 employee professional services firm based in Wash, DC. Can anyone refer a solid, reputable straight-shooter health insurance broker to me?

Note: this matter is strictly confidential, as I do NOT want the incumbent broker to be aware at this time.

  • Jeffrey Nees, Chief Financial Officer at WDG Architecture ,


Jeff- I will be sure that other CFOs from DC see this and respond. Trion is a trusted partner of The CFO Alliance ( I would be happy to make a pointed introduction.

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Kistler Tiffany- they have unbelievable customer service and pricing. All they do is medical (over 100 employees). Contact me if you need their info
  • Scott Cutler, Chief Financial Officer at Rumsey Electric Company,

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I highly recommend Olson Benefit Group, LLC located at Bethesda, MD. We have 260 employees multiplies branches in DC metropolitan area. It's a small firm and provided an excellent service especially plan design and wellness program. Julie Olson,, (301) 657-9835.
Grace Kwong

  • Grace Kwong, Chief Financial Officer at Dominion Electric Supply Co.,,

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HI Jeff - Lockton Companies is a great firm and worth considering. Their Dallas office (which is who we work with) works very closely with their DC office. I would be happy to make an introduction if you would find that helpful. My experience with them has been exceptional - and I appreciate their straight-forward approach.


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Jeff - you may want to go in a different direction and choose to work with fee paid consultants as opposed to commission driven brokers. Bolton Partners, headquartered in Baltimore is a very professional firm, Mark Lynne is the practice leader.

  • Gerald Blaum, Senior Vice President - Finance at Innovation Programs, LLC,

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Outstanding new benefits broker we engaged, wellness programs etc. We are 134 professional services firm as well.

Silberstein Insurance Group
Richard Silberstein -

  • Greg Donovan, Chief Financial Officer at Campbell and Company,

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Jeff - I had a very good experience with a broker in the Philadelphia suburbs and can reach out to them if you need more help or if your testing the market for vendors. Please feel free to reach me at 610-203-9876 Jeff Kirsch


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HI! I'd recommend HIll Chesson and Woody, located in Chapel Hill, NC. We've been with them for 3 years and they've done an excellent job. Ellen Tucker is our rep and she comes with a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience. She worked in underwriting and management at BCBS. Her contact info: (919) 403-1986

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Jeff Hi from Gary Bender. Phila Chapter. I highly recommend Charon Planning-greater philadelphia area. We have 165 employees in several states and they handle our complete insurance platform and have done a great job-great prices but also great advice and support. Contact Christopher Gavigan to learn more at 267 482 8310 He is M Director. Use my name. see Gary Bender CFO ABEC Inc

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Jeff - to the extent you are still seeking competitive quotes, I was very satisfied with the pricing and service provided by MJM Global based in NJ. Their principal is Michael Malhame and they can be reached via a google search. Good luck.

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