I am trying to determine the best operational/finance structure for our IT Services company

Our company is about $75M in revenue - 60% comes from the resale of IT Products - either direct ship to clients or associated with IT projects. 40% is tied to Professional and Managed services

Structurally we have a Fulfillment team (that sits inside of Sales and is moving to Operations ).. this team handles Sales Order Setup, Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving. We have a Finance team that handles Billing, Collections, Vendor Payments and Staff Accounting (financial statement preparation)

The Billing function has been passed back and forth over the years between Fulfillment and Finance ... There is a movement to pull it back into Fulfillment and we are concerned about issues this may cause from a cash management perspective.

If you have some experience with a similar type of business and can provide insight as to the best structure you have seen that would be helpful! One of the challenges we've always had - the Fulfillment functions use our accounting software and the acumen on the technical use of it sits inside of Finance. Although we've trained team members in this department on the proper use, checks and balances - there seems to be a fair amount of back and forth correcting issues for orders not setup properly in the system.




Thank you for taking my question into consideration - I appreciate your insight!


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