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Welcome to The CFO Alliance

The CFO Alliance helps Members exceed the expectations of their stakeholders. We enable Finance Executives to anticipate risks and opportunities. We equip Members to make sound decisions based on leading practices and insights from their peers. Individuals and Companies join The CFO Alliance to:

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  • Communities
  • Roundtables
  • Webinars
  • Partners
  • Marketplace
  • Advisory Board
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  • Career Development
  • Shareholder Value
  • Cyber Readiness
  • M&A Readiness
  • Board Readiness
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  • Ask your peers
  • Discussion Group
  • Custom Research
  • Knowledge Resources

Building on more than 8 years of experience, The CFO Alliance provides exclusive resources, connections, and development opportunities that more than 6,000 Members rely on to make informed decisions. Meet the CFO Alliance Advisory Board

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I enjoy the events due to the high level of interaction experienced, both from a networking perspective and from the truly interactive style of the program delivery. Perhaps the best time I have spent at a CFO event ever.
Gregory J. Nolff,
CFO, ICV Partners
The CFO Alliance provides a peer group of other CFO’s facing the same challenges as I do on a daily basis.
Jeffrey R. Allen,
CFO, The Mariner Group
Volunteering to use my company as a case study during a discussion on value creation provided me the framework and tools I needed to walk into my board meeting later that week.
Jay Roberts,
COO, Cancer Genetics, Inc.
The live roundtable discussions with other CFOs always give my brain a kick-start on timely subjects which is much appreciated.
Paul Commons,
CFO, WPC Worldwide
There are many benefits of being a member, but one of the most important to me is the ability to expand your tool set for dealing with issues we all face by learning from our academic partners, our sponsors, and our peers.
Ellen Purdy,
CFO, Office Practicum