Webinar:Performance Management: Enough Hype, How it Impacts the Bottom Line


March 16, 2017


1:00PM - 2:00PM EST


, PA

CPE Credits: 1

Hosted by The CFO Alliance

Cost: Free

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Most companies claim to focus on performance management. However, despite the increased availability of data and cost effective corporate performance management software solutions their efforts in this area fail to impact company profitability. Why?

Join us to discover how companies that are doing performance management right have identified the right data and the right technology to deliver analysis and insights that empower data-driven decision making. Data-driven decision making reduces costs, fuels top line revenue, and impacts productivity across the enterprise. What is the best performance management framework? Which factors impact company value? What metrics matter? How do you define relationships between employee and customer behaviors and profitability?

Learning Objectives
• Understand the current landscape of CPM solutions and identify the functionality that matters for your company
• Identify specific opportunities to leverage a CPM solution to improve the financial and operational agility at your company
• Understand specific data sources, types, and tactics companies are using to focus on the right customer and right products to deliver profitable growth.
• Define the ROI and define a business case for investing in a CPM solution or your company.


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