Webinar: CFO’s Corner: Using Compensation to Drive Strategic Growth


March 22, 2018


1:00PM - 2:00PM EST


CPE Credits: 1

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Hosted by The CFO Alliance and Xactly

Cost: Free

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CFO’s Corner: Using Compensation to Drive Strategic Growth

Join this Q&A with Elizabeth Salomon, CFO of Xactly Corporation, where she discusses leading indicator metrics every CFO should be monitoring to help drive future growth.  

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Learning Objectives 


  • An overview of commission expense forecasting and accounting, and why CFOs need to care
  • Learn how much of revenue is spent on commissions, and how CFOs are starting to look deeper into this investment as a growth driver. (The industry numbers may surprise you!)
  • Learn modern leading indicator metrics, such as the rule of 10, and how that matters to today’s CFO
  • Compensating teams fairly during M&A activity
  • Driving talent and organizational management through sales performance management (SPM)


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Event Attendees

  • Nick Araco, Chief Executive Officer at The CFO Alliance,
  • Jun Feng, Sr. Accounting Manager at Algolia,
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