The Essential CFO- Leading across the Enterprise


May 15, 2013


8:30AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)


4375 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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Hosted by The CFO Alliance

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The role of finance in transforming organizations continues to cut a wide swath through our discussions as of late. According to our most recent CFO Sentiment Survey, over 56% of executives having greater involvement in matters related to corporate direction, strategy and creating long-term shareholder value. During the first quarter, members from our Charlotte, Phoenix, and Boston chapters all peered into the leadership cauldron, seeking to garner deeper insight into the origins of transformation. CFOs are taking on broader leadership responsibility across the enterprise in functional areas including IT and HR as well as less traditional areas including business development, operations, and even sales and marketing.

Join us for an interactive discussion focused on how CFOs are embracing the challenges in taking on roles ranging from Chief Revenue Officer to Chief Innovation Officer to drive company growth from top to bottom. Discover and share your experiences with fellow CFOs regarding how to ensure that critical initiatives are adequately resourced, clearly aligned to deliver financial results, and that a disciplined approach exists for measuring results throughout the organization.

This roundtable represents our newest market launch in Southern California and we are thrilled to to further our commitment to serving CFOs across the country. We are hosting this Roundtable discussion specifically for local LA CFOs and inviting CFO Alliance members from around the US that are traveling in for the AICPA National CFO conference to attend.

The Learning Objectives for this compelling experience which offers CPE credit are:
1. Understand key challenges CFOs face in taking on more of a leadership role in operations, business development and HR.
2. Discover how to create strategic consensus among company leaders
3 Understand current and emerging technology and tactics that CFOs are utilizing to align people, process and technology to deliver results across their organizations.

Professor Nimfa Bemis is committed to student-centered learning. She possesses a special vitality, a sense of community and a drive for excellence that sets her apart. Her teaching responsibilities have included Corporate Finance, Business Economics, and the Provost Initiated Multi-Disciplinary Program Class. She has consistently taught the Corporate Finance which is part of the Financial Engineering Curriculum of the Viterbi Engineering Department. Professor Bemis has successfully been able to challenge, excite, establish warm rapport and make connections with the students, a skill which creates a unique educational experience.

Professor Bemis has spent most of her career in the private sector and as a Real Estate entrepreneur. She has an uncompromising view that all students can learn, given a positive learning atmosphere that welcomes exploration and enhances student confidence. Her contagious enthusiasm makes it easier for students to understand financial concepts. Last year, she was nominated for the President Sample Teaching and Mentoring Award and recognized for her “outstanding teaching performance and for impacting the lives of her students.” Students attest to how passionate and enthusiastic she is in her approach. When in the classroom, she consistently shows concern for students and prides herself in remembering all the names of over 200 students in every semester.

Transforming student engagement and classroom culture is what she strives to achieve at USC. To accommodate the broad scope of financial concepts, experts from across the fields in economics, law, and finance have been brought in to her Corporate Finance class as guest speakers to explore issues in entrepreneurship, management of resources, technology, and legal policy. This is an innovative experiential approach to encourage collaborative interdisciplinary learning in those areas. It makes for a Compelling Learning Experience for the students.

At USC, Professor Bemis focuses her teaching that will help advance USC’s growing emphasis on making the Finance curriculum more vibrant. She received her undergraduate degree from UCLA, her Doctoral Degree from USC and went on to Claremont Graduate University for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program.
Before joining USC, Professor Bemis served on the faculty of Mount St. Mary’s College MBA Program.

Professor Bemis is excited to have the opportunity to lecture internationally this summer on Finance in Beijing, China. She and her husband enjoy travelling with their teenage daughter.

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  • Mark Hicken, Chief Financial Officer at TK Services, Inc.,
  • Jill Bennett, VP- Business Administration & Contracts / CFO at Ports America,
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