IndustryShare: Energy


July 27, 2017


2:00PM - 3:00PM EST


CPE Credits: 0

Hosted by The CFO Alliance

Cost: Free

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As part of our continued mission to make connections that count ™ and connect you with your peers from your respective industries, we are offering you an opportunity to apply to participate in new IndustryShare discussion groups.

These curated discussion groups will serve as a “trusted place” where members can engage in one-on-one and small group dialogue and exchanges.

IndustryShare groups engage Members in small group dialogue and exchange with finance executives from similar industry sectors.  Members can brainstorm, ask questions, and build confidence in decision-making in a qualified peer network.  Active participation will lead to enhanced performance in your role as CFO, stakeholders, board members, investors, and leaders.

A key function of IndustryShare will be to meet and connect remote, via the web, bi-monthly, for 60-90 minutes. IndustryShare sessions will be limited to 25 finance leaders with similar business interests. The discussion will consistently explore relevant opportunities and challenges facing your respective industries. Member will be required to participate in at least four of six online sessions over the course of twelve months.   

Our Pulse Surveys and annual Sentiment Study have identified six key topics of interest to our members one of which will be highlighted in each session:

    • Corporate Growth, M&A and the current state of capital markets
    • Talent acquisition, workforce and career development.
    • Utilizing Cyber and business risk mitigation as a catalyst for growth *this will be the topic for our first session
    • Corporate governance and Financial leadership in the boardroom.
    • Government relations, regulatory and compliance hot buttons.
    • Technological disruption, innovation and investment.

Event Attendees

  • Ann Kelly, Assistant Treasurer at UGI Corporation,
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