Growth Strategies - Toronto


November 20, 2018


7:30AM - 10:30AM EST


First Canadian Place, 100 King Street West
Suite 5600
Toronto, AE M5X 1A9

CPE Credits: 3

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Hosted by The CFO Alliance

Cost: Free

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Buy, Build & Borrow in 2019 - Enterprise Growth Through Acquisitions, Assets & Alliances

Program Details:

Will your 2019 strategic plan position you to capitalize on emerging opportunities and trends?   Are you set to ride the waves of change, or are you at risk for being swamped in the undertow? Have you accounted for dynamic changes in your industry, your markets, your employees and in the customers you serve? 

Join The CFO Alliance Q4 Roundtable Series and discuss, debate and dissect the measures you will take to drive enterprise growth in 2019 and how you can most effectively focus on the fast-paced changes that are redefining your business, while being viewed as a key driver for growth.

Featured Case Study Guest:


Richard Perri, CFO & SVP - Services at Ricoh Canada, Inc.

Perri joined Ricoh in 2011 as the CFO of the Canadian operation. As CFO, Richard is responsible for finance and operations, including supply chain and IT. More recently, Perri expanded his scope of responsibility and was appointed Senior Vice President of the Services business unit. As Ricoh helps our customers navigate through the digital evolution of the workplace, the Services business represents a growing component of the overall portfolio. In his role, Richard is responsible for strategy development and oversees daily execution of the growth plan. Previously, Perri held several finance positions with multi-national organizations across the country.

Glen Renton, VP - Business and IT Services at Ricoh Canada, Inc.

Glen Renton was appointed Vice President of Business and IT Services for Ricoh Canada Inc in October 2014. In this role, Renton leads Ricoh’s Professional and Managed Services functions which include the development and execution of Professional and Managed Services strategies at Ricoh. In addition to this, Renton heads up business development around new services opportunities, including the establishment of partnerships with third party resources to facilitate exceptional delivery of Ricoh’s suite of services. Renton’s has been a part of the Ricoh Canada Senior Management team since 2011, where he came on board as the Vice President of Information Technology (I.T) having served in senior roles at Grand and Toy for the prior 13 years. Since joining Ricoh, Glen has significantly expanded his role, and now lends his expertise to the acceleration of Ricoh’s transformation journey to a services-led business.


7.30 - 8.00 Networking
8.00 - 8.15 Heard on the Street/Heard in the Hallways
8.15 - 8.45 CFO Featured Guest Q&A 
8:45 - 9.15 Roundable Discussion
9.15 - 9.45 Group Share, Report Back
9.45 - 10.15 Roundtable Summary, Key Takeaways, & What's Next 
10.15 - 11.00 Networking/Meet the Operating Team, our Partners, and Members of our Global Advisory Board

Learning Objectives / Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn how to be the “value integrator” -- A term coined by IBM in its Global CEO Study to describe the best-performing CFOs.
  2. Learn the Five Rules for Selecting the Optimal Growth Modes for you and your enterprise.
  3. Learn how to avoid the “implementation trap" and how best to 'fail small & fast' vs. 'fail big & long.'
  4. Learn how to most quickly and effectively overcome resistance from entrenched groups and leaders.



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