Global Consumer Shifts: A Competitive Response for Middle-Market CFOs - Greater Washington DC


September 27, 2012


7:30AM EST


Congressional Country Club
8500 River Road
Bethesda, MD 20817

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Hosted by The CFO Alliance

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As the U.S. consumer confronts an at-risk standard of living after almost 20 years of unsustainably high spending, new markets of middle-class consumerism are dotting the globe. However, our CFOA member discussions have revealed that many middle-market businesses have yet to determine a strategic response to the changing consumer landscape.

In 2012, a number of our chapter discussions have begun to explore more fully how middle market companies are responding to global consumer shifts, and what opportunities and challenges they present.

Now Professor Nacef Mouri of GMU’s School of Management joins our DC chapter to facilitate a discussion that explores the mid market response to global consumerism and how marketers are adapting to new consumer markets.

Learning objectives include understanding the nuances of the developed/developing world demographic split, as well as the steps involved in tailoring marketing strategies for shifting demographics.

Register today to reserve an early seat to become part of this local Community Discussion. As a registered participant, you will be notified of the discussion details as we structure the learning objectives. Join 50 Greater Washington DC CFOs and finance leaders for the opportunity to network and share best practices as we work through the issue. Attendance is restricted to Senior Finance Leaders only. All attendees will receive 2 CPE credits.

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Event Attendees

  • Nick Araco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at The CFO Alliance, An AchieveNext Community,
  • Randall Fulk, Chief Financial Officer at Acumen Solutions, Inc,
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