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CFO Alliance - Career Services

The CFO Alliance is a community of over 6,000 finance executives dedicated to advancing their companies and careers. Our team works with our members to understand the challenges and opportunities they have encountered throughout their careers. Which allow us to make the best match possible.

If you are looking to build your team, advance your career or find next opportunity, our Career Services team is here to help.

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Career Coaching

Our experienced consultant provided customized career management programs and job search resources. Our coaching and mentoring methods. identify each client's strengths and capitalize on skills, experience and abilities.Our coaching and mentoring process strengthens and builds executive leadership capability.We work with both Companies and Individuals to be sure that we provide the best service and support through journey of transition.

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When working with companies that are looking to find talent our principals get to know your business as if it were our own.Using this information, we continously search for qualified candidates and help you build a workforce that supports your company culture and goals. And always have a qualified network of talent to fill a need or help define a need on interim basis.

Our recruiters identify, interview, screen and present the very best candidates for your consideration as you need them.And unlike most recruiting services, our pricing is based on how difficult it is to fill your position, not a percentage of the annual salary for the position you are trying to fill

Through our partnership networks and direct sourcing abilities we will work with you to find the best possible talent for your organization either a temporary project basis or permanent hire. Take time running your business and let us fill this critical need

For members we have a discussion forum Career Center http://thecfoalliance.org/discuss/career-center where members share leads and helpful advice on career change.