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Industry disruptors have CFOs up at night thinking about how their companies can innovate while maintaining operations. With change happening at a rapid pace, CFOs see the need to step out of their comfort zones and offer strategies to manage these risks.

The obstacles to innovation and growth are continually increasing. Obstacles discussed at The CFO Alliance Q3 Roundtable series include:

  • Lack of leadership buy-in
  • Weak Organizational culture and collaboration
  • Technology
  • Lack of budget...

September was an exciting and busy month for The CFO Alliance! We kicked off the Q3 Roundtable Series, Leading During Business & Industry Disruption: How CFOs Can Innovate While They Operate in the Philadelphia market on September 11th and wrapped up our in-person Roundtables in Chicago on September 27th. Interested in hearing the key takeaways from the Series? Join us on October 11th for a Roundup Webinar, where our featured guests from each market will share insights and best practices...

Today’s CFOs no longer just oversee an organization’s finance function.

As a CFO, you now drive growth across all areas of the business – from improving the customer experience to using technology to innovate.

This expanded role requires you to partner with various teams on a digital transformation strategy. According to the 2018 CFO Sentiment Study, almost 50 percent of CFOs regularly meet with others to “align their technology initiatives with all enterprise,...

I was reading Thomas Friedman’s Thank You For Being Late last week while sitting on a beach, and thinking about its key tenet that accelerations in technology are reshaping industries, careers, politics, really all of society. Even something considered as “timeless” as the game of baseball has been reshaped by technology.

Over two seasons from 2012-2013, the Houston Astros lost two thirds of their games, so it seemed unlikely with Sports Illustrated magazine featured the...

This is the final blog in a series of posts written by May Van, Executive Coach at Kelleher Associates, on the importance of fostering an innovative culture in today's business society. Thank you, May, for your continued contributions and insights to The CFO Alliance.

The CFO's role in risk management, be it innovation or investment, is an integral part of the business management process. The CFO's primary role is to minimize the financial risks. Discipline in long and short-term...

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