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Top 3 Take-a-ways from CFO Alliance Roundtable Series: Leveraging Risk as a Catalyst for Growth

This fall we traveled across the country meeting with CFO Alliance members to discuss leveraging risk as a catalyst for growth, and cyber exposures as a rapidly evolving topic.  Here is what you need to know….  

“The CFO is increasingly on the front line of complex risk, and in middle market firms this means an incredibly delicate balancing act between resources that are often scarce and rapidly increasing requirements. Cyber risk shines a bright light on this dynamic.

Our conversations with CFO Alliance members this fall revealed that there is increasing pressure to do more with less, or more with the same level of resources. We also heard a lot about the increasing pressure of compliance on institutional resiliency.

In this crowded market of solutions attempting to address cyber risk readiness and business continuity, evaluate your options carefully. Seek out resources beyond traditional trading relationships and be certain about the alignment of any new solutions to the unique situation of your organization, your industry, and your client base.”

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