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The Quest for Global Risk Agility

Man-made risks, such as cyber risk, physical security threats and climate change—are the driving forces in the global threat landscape. Unlike natural risk, which remains a central preoccupation, man-made risks have agency.

Achieving organizational resilience in the era of man-made risk requires new approaches to risk management and decision making.  We call this global risk agility.

The quest for global risk agility is principally a management framework aimed at changing the way organizations and senior leaders think about risk. Rather than making risk an object of “passive control” and something to be feared, agile decision makers make risk an object to be understood—with a healthy dose of respect—and properly harnessed.

There is a risk in doing nothing at all in these turbulent times. Organizations, large or small, can no longer afford to remain on the sidelines.

Read more in Risk Management Magazine at the following link:  

Join us at The CFO Alliance Q3 Roundtable Series in your city from September 7th to October 5th. 

Daniel Wagner, Managing Director of Risk Solutions at Risk Cooperative, and I will hit on the following objectives:

  • An appreciation of the great risk convergence; Man-made and natural risks are colliding with unforeseen consequences.
  • Key risk domains and their ramifications; Cyber risk, climate change and terrorism are but a few man-made risks to contend with.
  • Achieving global risk agility; Building a values-based approach to risk and decision making enhancing resilience.

Click here for dates and locations to join us in person, or sign up for our live streaming session on September 13! 

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