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The Collective Mind of the Modern CFO: Competing in 2018 & Beyond...

The CFO Alliance, a global community of senior finance leaders and decision makers promoting connectivity and knowledge sharing, conducted its 8th annual CFO Sentiment Study to provide insights into the strategic planning and financial outlook of CFOs for 2018.  Our Study is unique in that it is designed to offer insights into how CFOs plan to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities in 2018 rather than merely identifying them. Over 500 senior financial executives from across the United States participated in this year’s Study, offering indepth perspectives on how CFOs plan to deliver on optimistic expectations for their enterprises in the face of continued domestic, macro-economic tailwinds propelling us in 2018. Following are some of the primary findings from the Study.

Upon review of this year’s Sentiment Study results, it is clear that CFOs are positioning themselves as ‘athletes,’ with an ability to contribute to the overall team and enterprise performance. Survey respondents pledged to work more closely with Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, and more, to compete in an increasingly complex and competitive business and economic environment. As the ‘Chief Reality Officers,’ CFOs will naturally look first at ways they can advance and enhance their current People, Processes, and Technology before diving into detailed diligence on how external drivers or factors like expanding customer relationships, marketing, M&A and training may or may not impact their top line, bottom line, and shareholder value performance in 2018. As one Survey respondent noted, “It is difficult enough to truly understand who we are and how we are performing at any given time, let alone speculate on what could be.” With that in mind, Survey respondents will do what they can to ensure they stand their ground with their current clients, defend and deepen these relationships and promote these successes, both internally and externally to ensure that their employee experience is most directly aligned with their customer experience.   To learn more about the results, check out The Executive Summary

CFO Alliance Members may access all insights and findings by downloading the full 2018 CFO Sentiment Study Report.

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