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Results from the Q2, 2013 Drinker Biddle Pulse Survey: CFO Alliance Members are On the Offense

During the second quarter of 2013, CFO Alliance Members gathered in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, and Southern California to discuss and collaborate on some of the most critical opportunities and issues they are facing, given their ever-expanding roles as CFOs.

When asked to list their top priorities over the second half of 2013, 86% of the Members said they were focused on increasing their revenues in their existing customer segments, as well as exploring ways to expand their businesses into new markets. At the same time, Members cited building cash reserves and reducing costs as continued critical priorities for them and their fellow C-Suite colleagues, as continued volatility in various economic, geopolitical, and regional, and industry markets forces CFOs to look for ways to drive top line growth with the people and assets they already have in place.

However, that does not mean that CFO Alliance Members are simply maintaining the status quo. Over 40% of our Members are actively exploring investments in innovation as a catalyst that will spur increases in their market share and product/customer diversification. In addition, CFO Alliance Members are working more closely now more than ever with fellow C-Suite colleagues to ensure that their companies' current growth strategies align with their respected missions, visions, and objectives, and almost 80% of CFO Alliance Members believe that they are doing their part to ensure that they lead their companies' cultures in ways that embrace innovation and change.

Over 60% of CFO Alliance Members plan to remain on 'offense' vs 'defense', as they explore ways to grow, so expect the second half of 2013 to be highly competitive across industries, around the U.S. and the globe. More to follow...

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