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Membership has its Privileges

Two experiences this past weekend left me thinking about a very important piece of wisdom: community is a privilege. My younger brother achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend his ceremony. As an outsider, it was inspiring to see the excitement of the other Scouts and hear the kind words spoken about my brother when he received his awards and medals. This group of young men truly embodies a community; their dedication to their cause and each other embody what it means to be a community. Watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games was another inspirational experience. These athletes earned the opportunity to enter a small community of elite athletes that are the best in their sport in the world.

The one thing that stuck out most about both the Boy Scouts of America and Olympic Winter Games are the relationships that are fostered between the members of these communities. They have shown passion, dedication and support to each other to help them to reach success. Achieving the Eagle Scout rank or competing in the Olympic Winter Games provides a different type of experience, it provides a community of peers connected by a common cause and passion. Formerly used as a famous advertising slogan by American Express, Membership has its privileges - this certainly holds true for Eagle Scouts and Olympic Winter Games competitors.

The CFO Alliance Community is no different. As represented by our Global Advisory Board, our Community is comprised of driven and sophisticated finance executives looking for a safe place to discuss the challenges and opportunities they are facing in their industries and roles with a qualified group of peers. We create relevant content and exclusive networking opportunities for our Members to meet our shared goals: to make connections that count, impart useful knowledge and elevate their personal brands. Just like the Boy Scouts of America and 2018 Olympic Winter Games, CFO Alliance Community Membership is a privilege. Join The CFO Alliance or upgrade your Membership today.

As your Community Engagement and Member Experience Manager, I continually strive to make connections that count and build a trusted environment for our Members to communicate effectively and effortlessly with their peers  Check out our CFO Alliance Membership Packet, and please reach out to me for more information or questions about CFO Alliance Membership at or (215) 433-1800.

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