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Technology... many would say that technology makes life easier. However, with technology constantly changing and improving, how does today's Modern CFO stay relevant and out ahead?  Today there are technology options for every aspect of every function, but to what end? And how do these disparate systems speak to each other? Oh, and there are compliance issues you need to think about too. There are also many implications involved with implementing new technologies, including costs, time and training.Our Q2 Roundtable series will focus on Technology and the CFO -- specifically ways you and your peers are utilizing technologies to facilitate growth, gather data and ultimately inform your business. 

I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks speaking with CFO Alliance Members about how they plan to utilize technology to enhance their businesses this year. One consistent theme that I've heard is that it is imperative to spend time identifying the data, metrics and measurements that are important to their business prior to identifying the right technologies to implement.  

Our Q2 Roundtable Series will kick-off on May 1st in the Philadelphia, and conclude in Denver on May 17th. Our Roundtable experience embraces peer discussion with best practice sharing to build confidence in decision making. Have you ever been to a CFO Alliance Roundtable? If not, experience The CFO Alliance in action below:

Interested in learning more about The CFO Alliance? Contact me, your Member Experience Manager, at or (215) 433-1800.

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