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Cyber Security in Agriculture

CFO Alliance Member, Kelly Tomlin, CFO of CPV Manufacturing/Admiral Valve LLC, and I traveled to central California last week to discuss the importance of cyber-security in the Agriculture Industry. We had the distinct privledge to join UnitedAG,  Phil Taluban of Ocean Mist Farm and about 50 professionals that represented a segment of the California Agricultural industry for an in depth Q&A discussion on trends in cyber-security and vulnerabilities. Kelly stated it best when we debriefed. She said, "there is a stronge desire to learn from examples provided and to gain a keen understanding of what other, non-agricultural businesses, are facing as it relates to cyber-security, or more importantly what some of the best practices are that industries are using to protect their data." She also went on to say, "cyber crimes are not isolated to any one industry, but they are similar to what we face individually and corporately in all business."

Those that participated quickly realized that their systems were not as secure as they originally thought. We polled the group at the beginning of our discussion to rate their companies on how well they were protected against a cyber incident. The majority of participants said they changed their score as the conversation progressed. 

As a key takeway for those that particpated, we offered up the CFO Alliance Special Task Force report on Cyber Resilency. This best practice guide generated by a group of 15 CFOs covers risks, trends, response plans and the types of insurance you should have to ensure you are covered. 


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