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2018 Crain's New York Business CFO Forecast Study

The CFO Alliance partnered with Crain's New York Business for their inaugural 2018 CFO Forecast Study. The study solicited input regarding present day trends, current challenges and expectations for the near future from finance executives in small, medium and large sized companies throughout the New York metropolitan area. Special thanks to our CFO Alliance Members who participated in the survey and attended the panel! 

Our CEO, Nick Araco, moderated the panel discussion back in December. The conversation focused on a number of different topics, including the changing roles and responsibilities of today's CFO, the impact of uncertainty, attracting and retaining talent and the top challenges CFOs are anticipating in the next 24 months. Key findings from the session include:

  • Uncertainty is the new norm - but CFOs can't let that stop the execution of their mission.
  • Knowledge is power - CFOs need to embrace new technologies, but also dedicate resources to manage the potential risk.
  •  The scope of duties for the CFO has expanded. It is important for CFOs to be able to pivot to manage the increasing demands of human resources, technology, real estate, marketing, legal and risk.
  • The key to successful talent retention is to focus on the interconnectedness between work and employees' personal lives 

Visit Crain's CFO Forecast page to read the financial research insights and to watch video highlights from the panel.

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