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This is the fourth blog in a series of posts written by May Van, Executive Coach at Kelleher Associates, on the importance of fostering an innovative culture in today's business society. 

It is human nature to be resistant to change. Even at organizations known for innovation, stagnation can creep in. An enterprise-wide culture of innovation is the only antidote to the possible malaise.

A culture of innovation can be developed and sustained in many ways, some practices are...

"Repairing the finance and sales relationship in business is key to success," writes Kirsten Levermore in Dialogue Magazines "Confessions of a Power Couple" article, which showcases findings from The CFO Alliance 2018 Sentiment Study. The Sentiment Study highlights a number of important statistics that give insight into why the relationship between finance and sales is suffering in mid-market enterprises. 

  • More than half of finance executives believe current performance, lack of...

The CFO Alliance and Illumeo announce learning partnership to serve and upskill innovative financial leaders across the middle market.


The CFO Alliance and Illumeo today announced a learning partnership to serve and upskill innovative financial leaders across the middle market.

The CFO Alliance provides professional networking and training programs for corporate leaders in finance. A critical complement to the thriving community...

July has been an exciting month for The CFO Alliance!

  • We are well on our way towards launching our pilot ADVANCE program.
  • We've established an exciting relationship with a learning management system.
  • We've launched a new Membership model. 

Two of our Members, Matt Lane and Steven Kennard, were selected by the Business Journals in their respective cities as "CFO of the Year honorees." 

Matt Lane, CFO of YOLO Federal Credit Union in Sacramento

Matt truly embodies the qualities of a...

Four leading Canadian companies have automated their finance and backend operations, allowing them to deliver a better customer experience.

The role of the CFO is changing. It’s no longer just about overseeing an organization’s finance function.

Today’s CFOs are expected to guide the business strategy and drive both top- and bottom-line growth. According to the 2018 CFO Sentiment Study, 75 percent of CFOs stated that their role will become more strategic. In fact, the CFO...

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