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Man-made risks, such as cyber risk, physical security threats and climate change—are the driving forces in the global threat landscape. Unlike natural risk, which remains a central preoccupation, man-made risks have agency.

Achieving organizational resilience in the era of man-made risk requires new approaches to risk management and decision making.  We call this global risk agility.

The quest for global risk agility is principally a management framework aimed at changing the way...

Employee turnover is a very expensive process. Succession planning for employees due to retirement is critical, and also something that you can prioritize and plan for to ensure your business will continue to run smoothly upon departure. While facilitating a CFO Alliance webinar on The CFO’s Responsibility in Retirement Planning, I asked the audience the question below:

It is great to see 40+% planning proactively for succession of key talent. We hope that the data from our retirement...

The use of automatic features, most commonly auto-enroll, auto-reenroll, auto escalation, and default investment options, currently dominated by target date funds, is gaining significant traction in the marketplace. These features are a company’s most powerful tools in changing behavior and putting more employees on a path to financial wellness. Anxieties about overstepping into making financial decisions for employees such as how much to defer into a retirement account are waning....

It has been another banner year for middle market M&A transactions, driven largely by a perception of topped out valuations and concerns about the inevitable uptick in historically low interest rates. Halfway through 2017, mid-market Buyers and Sellers are feeling a greater sense of urgency to close deals as many sellers believe the market has reached a peak and valuations won’t hold.

However, early indications are that the reality may be somewhat different. A potential lowering of...

Organizations are under pressure to prepare for the pending Revenue Recognition Standard ASC 606. If it weren’t already difficult enough, businesses that pay commissions have additional and even more complex requirements for compliance. Subtopic 340-40, also known as the “incremental costs of obtaining a contract,” transforms how companies must account for incentives and commissions under the new standard.

I addressed a few of the key issues in two earlier posts:

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