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With the growing prevalence of subscription-based sales, organizations and customers have changed how they interact with each other. It now takes little vendor engagement for customers to buy new software. However, on the flip side, companies actually need to engage more with customers when selling a subscription solution. 

This type of environment is the opposite of software license sales, where companies historically sold products and moved on, relying on a support organization for...

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the CFO Alliance’s inaugural roundtable in San Francisco. The CFO Alliance hosts its roundtable series in multiple cities across North America every quarter, but this was its first event in the Bay Area. 

Xactly wrote about the 2017 CFO Sentiment Study findings earlier this year. According to the sentiment survey, CFOs consider the following four factors as critical to their company success in 2017:

  • Adding the right talent across the...

William C. Taylor is the co-founder of Fast Company Magazine and a bestselling business author. Taylor’s latest book is called Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways. In it, Taylor profiles several largely unknown companies, many of them in the middle market, doing amazing things in places and in industries that many might deem “unglamorous.” For instance, an industrial supplier in Winona, Minnesota, a regional fast food chain in Tennessee, and an...

By: Di Seghposs
Senior Director, Product Marketing

“A marriage made in cloud heaven”—that’s how one of my colleagues describes the relationship between Finance and HR.

She’s on the right track. Employee salaries and benefits are often the biggest cost for small and medium business. So there is a pretty strong argument for a unified cloud solution that embraces both HR and Finance.

That’s why Oracle decided to bring together finance and HR leaders in Boston, April 11-13. They’ll gather for...

Courtesy of Jennifer Dignum, Xactly corporation

Last week we published the first half of a two-part blog series on the evolution of the modern CFO. In the piece, entitled“From Mr. No to Chief Trusted Advisor,” Ernie Humphrey, a recognized CFO thought leader, shared his insights about the changing role of the CFO.

In this week’s blog, we continue our conversation, discussing key findings from the 2017 CFO Sentiment Study. Just released by The CFO Alliance, the report shares insights from...

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