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With the deadline looming, preparation for the new Revenue Recognition Standard has taken on greater urgency. One piece of the standard, in particular, has a huge effect on how companies account for their commission payments – subtopic 340-40, also known as “the incremental costs of obtaining a contract.” We’ll be taking a closer look at this small but critical component in a webinar with The CFO Alliance on June 22.

I’d like to give a preview regarding the steps...

As published in The Office Manager Today, June 2017

May Van
Partner and Executive Coach, Kelleher Associates

It is no secret among seasoned managers that less than 50% of the employees do more than 50% of the work. It is because not all employees have the same capabilities and drive. But the tasks average employees do, however, are still critical to the organization’s success.

The management challenge is to figure out how to keep the average employees motivated. Here are three principles...

AchieveNext® today announced a strategic partnership with Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global that will introduce risk advisory and risk management services to its growing portfolio of solutions designed to support corporate excellence.  AchieveNext® is the parent company of the CFO Alliance, a professional community of more than 6,500 Chief Financial Officers from middle-market companies across North America ranging from $10 million to over $1 billion in revenue.

Risk Cooperative...

Keeping up with regulatory changes is always a top priority for the office of the CFO. These issues have taken on even greater importance this year given the pending requirements of the new Revenue Recognition Standard. To examine the key issues and the effect on your accounting practices, Xactly is pleased to join The CFO Alliance in a webinar next month.

In the webinar, we will discuss how the standard affects the payment of commissions. Commonly referred to as the “incremental costs...

Courtesy of CFO Alliance member Richard Swinyard, Managing Partner & CFO of Computer Integrated Services

Electronic signature technology company DocuSign has admitted that it suffered a breach of one of its computer systems resulting in stolen data including customer and user email addresses. The breach has allowed the hackers to target DocuSign customers and users to send phishing emails requesting wire transfers. This is particularly concerning since so many companies use DocuSign for...

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