Our mission can be summed up in one phrase, "We make connections that count." We provide Finance Executives with an opportunity to join and develop a peer advisory group while building meaningful relationships with individuals and industry experts. Our Members will attest that the continued interaction with their peers continually increases confidence in their decision making and maximizing their effectiveness as a leader, all while contributing to their short and long term success.


Value Proposition

Today's finance leaders accelerate their success by engaging in this exclusive peer knowledge and idea excahnge, known as The CFO Alliance.


What Sets Us Apart

We realize that as a CFO, time is the greatest asset you manage. For this reason, we are committed to quality, relevance, and efficiency in everything we offer our Members. We take a concierge approach to gage member interests and priorities to stimulate valuable discussion with solid takeaways. Our membership is exclusive to finance leaders looking to develop a personal board of directors.

Our Community what we offer

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Our Members

Our member are today's finance leaders who seek to accelerate their success by engaging their peers to gain knowledge and excahnge ideas.

Executive Management

Nick araco

Nick Araco


As the Chairman and Co-Founder of The CFO Alliance, Nick is responsible for creating and facilitating meaningful dialogue and connections amongst Members, Partners and the business community at large.

Over the past 20+ years, Nick has been able to bring his unique ability of "Making Connections that Count” to finance executives and business leaders across the US and now into Canada. Nick is a catalyst in creating and executing action steps that lead others to success. He serves as 'the voice of the CFO community,' representing the more than 7,000 Members of The CFO Alliance. Nick is a regular speaker at CFO conferences, has appeared on Bloomberg, and is called upon by the press for commentary on the opportunities and issues that drive the global economy. Nick prides himself on his selfless approach and enjoys hearing of success stories long after connections are made.

Greg wood

Greg Wood

President, Chief Operating Officer

As the President and COO of The CFO Alliance, Greg is responsible for managing all aspects of the business; program development, communications, financial performance and marketing.

Greg is responsible for executing growth strategy development, including strategic planning and project management, new product and program development, market expansion, strategic alliances, and partner management. Greg has spent the past 5 years building a vibrant community and brand in the middle market space, working daily with over 7,000 finance executives participating in this community.