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Today’s CFOs no longer just oversee an organization’s finance function. As a CFO, you now drive growth across all areas of the business – from improving the customer experience to using technology to innovate. This expanded rol...
I was reading Thomas Friedman’s Thank You For Being Late last week while sitting on a beach, and thinking about its key tenet that accelerations in technology are reshaping industries, careers, politics, really all of society. Even something...
This is the final blog in a series of posts written by May Van, Executive Coach at Kelleher Associates, on the importance of fostering an innovative culture in today's business society. Thank you, May, for your continued contributions an...
August kicked off The CFO’s Role in Creating Shareholder Value Special Task Force! Over the next few months, 15 CFO Alliance Members are meeting over the phone to create a report providing actionable insights, best practices and tools for CF...

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